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My PhD dissertation elected 4th best world selling dissertation (Proquest 2002) and elected in 6th position (Tie) in (Proquest 2003)

My interview for Knowledge Board

I started my research journey for my first Master's degree thesis in France. The purpose of this research was to demonstrate that Total Quality Management tools could be used to assess the quality of information systems. I decided to test my hypotheses in the healthcare field, and I assessed the quality of an hospital information system. The results were encouraging and I decided to continue this study in the US after having obtained a research Lavoisier Grant from the French State Department.

During my first year as research scholar at American University I continued my research on Hospital Information Systems Quality.

When I started to work on my Doctorate of Science at the George Washington University I became interested in Knowledge Management (KM). I defended my first PhD dissertation in 2001 on the topic of "Assessing Knowledge Management Initiative Successes as a Function of Organizational Culture".

In 2005, I defended a second PhD on a related topic at the University of Aix Marseille, France: "The critical role of Trust in KM".

KM and Innovation Management are currently my main research interest and I published more than 50 publications (journals, conference proceedings, book chapters and magazine articles) around this theme. You can view all my publications on my resume.

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