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I was born June, 20 1971 in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France near Marseilles. I have a sister (Dominique) and a brother (Jean-Paul) and 5 nephews and nieces (Adrien, Elsa, Lola, Jason and Noemie). I grew up in Aix-en-Provence until six and then moved to a little city in Provence called Manosque (50Km north of Aix en Provence). My father (Maurice) was managing an irrigation canal in Manosque and my mother (Andrée) raised all of us. I went to school in Manosque until sixteen while I learned to play Saxophone and practiced Aïkido. Then, I went to the technology hi-school of Digne les Bains. There, I prepared my Baccalaureate with an emphasis on Mathematics, Physics and Technology. After failing my Baccalaureate I decided to present a more Scientific Baccalaureate and I went back to high school in Manosque.

I finally passed my Baccalaureate and I went for two years to a school in Arles (ISAII/IRA). From this school I got a degree specialized in Industrial Computer Science and Automation.

I then integrated an Engineering school in Marseilles specialized in manufacturing industrial engineering as well as in computer and automated systems - Polytech' Marseilles (former IUSPIM). After graduating from my engineering school I passed my first Master's degree in Computer Science. I then had to accomplish my military service. Selected as a scientific, I was detached for a year to a company named Savimex located at Grasse on the French Riviera close to Cannes! Savimex was a subcontractor of the French DoD. I worked there on improving the quality of products as well as on optimizing the production lines.

At the same time I applied for the Lavoisier research grant sponsored by the French State Department. I got selected and I was awarded a grant to conduct research at American University in the Computer Science and Information Systems department (CSIS). I arrived in January 1997 in Washington DC. Can you believe that at this time I had never browsed the Web! After six months of research I was offered to teach a class "Creativity and Computers" as an adjunct professor. During this period I created my first basic Web page and one year later created a more advanced and entertaining one! Later on I passed a second Master's degree and obtained my Doctorate of Science from the George Washington University (GWU). I left American University in Fall 2004 (after teaching there for seven years) and I joined the Management School of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). I taught courses related to Information Systems and their Management as well as courses on Knowledge Management. In July 2005 I defended my 2nd PhD at the Paul Cezanne University, School of Applied Economy Aix-en-Provence, France. In 2006 I spent the year in the Kingdom of Bahrain (Middle East) in one of the global campuses of NYIT. I taught there and I was also in charge of the Management School. During my stay in Bahrain I met my lovely fiancée Linda and we decided to move and live in Bangkok. I left NYIT in 2007 to join the Graduate School of Bangkok University (Thailand) where I currently teach in the international MBA program. My current research interests concern the fields of Knowledge Management and Innovation. Ee decided to open a branch of the George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (IKI) here in Thailand. I am currently the Managing Director of this institute (iKi-SEA).

For more information regarding my academic and professional work feel free to look at my resume.

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