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The Internet Web Servers HTML

Internet 101
Hobbes' Internet Timeline 
The WWW Consortium (W3C)

Internet domain survey
Domain Name Buyer's Guide

How Domain Server work
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
IPv6: The New Internet Protocol
Internet Facts
Internet traffic
Internet World map
Internet News
Glossary of Internet Terms
How search engines work
The Web Robots FAQ...
What People Search For
Top ten most searched terms on the Web

Web servers comparison
Web servers usage
Web servers listing
What's that site running? (Web Sever)
Famous sites (Web server used)


Sizzling HTML
A brief history of HTML
NCSA : A Beginner's guide to HTML
HTML Made Really Easy
Teach me HTML
Forms Guide
XML and the Second-Generation Web
A new generation of HTML for the future (XHTML)

HTML Editors - Checkers DHTML Web Design

AceHTML (Freeware)
HomeSite - HTML editor (Allaire)
1st page 2000
ZOOP Advanced Html Editor
Clean up your Web pages HTML TIDY
Bobby (web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities)



Web style guide
Web Wisdom
Creating Killer Web Sites
Web pages that suck

Relational databases Macromedia ColdFusion® CGI
Your first database
SQL Tutorial

So What Is ColdFusion?
Cold Fusion 5 Documentation
Cold Fusion Tags' description
Ben Forta Web site (Full of resources)
Developer Exange
Free CF custom tags
Cold Fusion Tutorial
Cold Fusion Tutorial II
Cold Fusion user's group MD
ColdFusion Libraries
Download a trial version of Cold Fusion Studio
Cold Fusion Frontier
Cold Fusion Enterprise 4.0 Vs. Active Server Pages 2.0
Cold Fusion Express Server
House of Fusion
ColdFusion Developer's Journal

Free CGI Software
The CGI ressource Index
JavaScript Java Applets Web Security

The JavaScript technology center
The JavaScript source
The JavaScript Planet
JavaScript Reference v1.3 (Netscape)
Microsoft JScript v5.0 Reference
JavaScript Mini-FAQ
Ask the JavaScript Pro
The Joy of JavaScripts
Yahoo JavaScripts Links
Netscape JavaScript Debugger
ECMAScript Language Specification

Anfy Team Home Page
The WWW Security FAQ
Webreview.com - Security
AntiOnline - Computer Security
Hacking 101
Roadmap to Security Tools and Services Online
SC Magazine Online
Is Your Web Server Secure?
Safe CGI Programming
Archive of Hacked Websites
AntiCode - Exploits Sorted By OS
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
PGP home
VeriSign Secure Site Services
Multimedia Macromedia Dreamweaver® Macromedia Flash®
Download Macromedia Flash
Flash without Flash (SWISH)
Flash Planet (bunch of ressources)
Macromedia Fireworks® Web Editors Graphics, backgrounds, ...
Download Macromedia Fireworks
Fireworks ressources

Macromedia Dreamweaver
Adobe GoAlive
AOL Press 2.0
BBEdit (Mac only!)
HotDog Web Editors


Icon Bazaar
Image search engine (AltaVista)
Media Builder
Microsoft Multimedia Gallery
Aphids communication
Debby's GIF Animation page
Clipart Connection
Yahoo Graphic links
Web FX (a web-based graphics effects generator)

Sounds Image Maps Counter and Tracker

The Daily WAV (Wav and Midi Files)
Audio Browser
Headspace (RMF Music)
LargeSok's Midi Page
Joe's Original Wave Files
Classical Midi Archives
Yahoo's sound archives



Software (Yahoo)


Fast Counter
Page Count

GuestBook Free Web page hosting Animated GIF creation

Guest World


Angel Fire
Fortune City


GIF Construction Set
Animagic GIF Animator
PhotoImpact GIF Animator

FTP Tools  Icon creation  
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